That perfection of the intellect which is the result of education, and its beau ideal, to be imparted to individuals in their respective measures, is the clear, calm, accurate vision and comprehension of all things, as far as the finite mind can embrace them, each in its place, and with its own characteristics upon it. It is almost prophetic from its knowledge of history; it is almost heart-searching from its knowledge of human nature; it has almost supernatural charity from its freedom from littleness and prejudice; it has almost the repose of faith, because nothing can startle it; it has almost the beauty and harmony of heavenly contemplation, so intimate is it with the eternal order of things and the music of the spheres.

— John Henry Newman

This blog is about ideas. It is dedicated to book reviews and research interests. I have decided to abstain, as far as possible, from writing on personal matters. These posts are also drafts, works in progress; they require reviewing, revising, and ultimately rewriting. They are notes to myself that I’ve decided to share with the public.


Giant Stairway, Katoomba, NSW, Australia

James C. Ungureanu

PhD in Religious Studies

Honorary Post-Thesis Fellow in Studies in Religion
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
University of Queensland, Australia

Honorary Fellow in the Department of History
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA




  1. James,
    I came across your site while reviewing the Wilberforces. Thanks for your efforts. I am not so sophisticated a writer but I have written on a number of subjects over the years-creation/evolution, medical ethics, archaeology, and theology. They are within the website listed below. As well, I did biomedical research in Australia (Melbourne) from 1981-1985, It was a memorable experience. I still would have a 4 and Twenty Pie if I could, although I never quite acquired the taste for Vegemite. I really enjoyed Cricket and Aussie Rules Football and Rugby.
    Dr John G Leslie

      1. Religion may be marginal as a social activity, but it is tied to politics, economy, culture, and many forms of systems of (power) relations in our world. It is also the life-giving material to literature. I doubt if any one should mistake religion as marginally relevant to our society today.

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