Month: February 2012

Finding the time

It is difficult finding the time to write. Our school is still in “spring” break, so I have taken the opportunity to start planning for the next semester, brainstorming projects, exams, activities, and games for the high school students. The entire day is full of this.

When I get home I go to the gym and then study French. I also want to finish off some books I’ve wanted to read for some time.

Too many excuses. But they are good excuses. Finding a balance will be difficult. Perhaps I can devote the weekends to posting some lingering thoughts. Yet another goal.


Big Questions Indeed

I recently found this website, Big Questions Online. Published by the John Templeton Foundation, it aims “ to ask and explore the Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality, with a focus on science, religion, markets, morals, and the dynamic intersection among them.” One of its leading articles is an interview with Robert Bellah about his new book Religion in Human Evolution. I also recently read Bellah’s 1964 essay “Religious Evolution” in the American Sociological Review. I will post my reflections on Bellah’s theoretical scheme for the evolution of religion sometime this weekend.

Back to work

My wife and I have just returned from a busy week vacationing in Seoul and other parts of northern South Korea. My teaching schedule for the new semester will begin on Monday. It will be good to get back to work. I also need to continue my French studies.

Yesterday I spent the day catching up on news articles, downloading articles from different journals, organizing my bookmarks, etc., etc. Whenever I do that I feel like I’ve wasted an entire day. But I needed to do it. I cannot function otherwise. I need order.

Today will be dedicated to finishing the next chapter of Carl Olson’s Theory and Method in the Study of Religion: A Selection of Critical Readings (2003). The text is slightly dated, but the articles and authors selected in this reader set the precedent for much of the discussion today. I will discuss each chapter in future posts.

Also, a good bit of French today. I feel like I’m so far behind my peers. I must remember: La patience est l’art d’espérer.


I’m a recent graduate with a BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy and an MA in Church History. Somehow, I find myself today teaching English to Korean high school students in a small village in on the southeastern side of South Korea. My experiences in Korea have been exciting, disappointing, frustrating, and educational, sometimes in that order and sometimes all at once. (Of course I will have to write about them in future posts.) At the same time, I’m using my time here to prepare for doctoral studies in the near future.

I’ve also recently turned 30, and I think it’s high-time to start jotting down my philosophies, musings, and general thoughts on life. I will use this site for such purposes.